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talks I’ve done that might be helpful to you

So, my resolution to write all new talks for 2009 is meaning I spend a lot more time on them. “All new” may be a bit of a stretch since one of my recent talks contained a part of an … Continue reading

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A few things going on, googley and otherwise

I’ve been reading more, typing less. My super-bloggy friends told me lat year sometime that a lot of their friends were blogging less and Twittering more. I was surprised to hear that since it hadn’t really trickled down to my … Continue reading

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NJLA talk: Ten Tech Tools

I had a really nice large audience for my talk today at NJLA. We had some lively discussion in the informal tech talk afterwards and I learned some things myself. Here is the link to my talk from today: Ten … Continue reading

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Mary Minow’s talks at NJLA

Mary Minow was also at NJLA and she has put her four presentations up on the LibraryLaw Blog which I am spending some time reading this evening. I’m especially enjoying her talk on the legality of copying graphics for use … Continue reading

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