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I give talks on the intersection of libraries, technology and politics. My main blog is at

  • Rural library technology, technology education, and the digital divide
  • Copyright, fair use, and DRM in libraries
  • Policy issues such as the USA PATRIOT Act, CIPA, legislation around privacy and social software.

I enjoy public speaking and I’ve been doing it for two decades nationally, internationally and online. If you would like me to give a talk, please don’t hesitate to read more about what I do my faq or my resume, or just get in touch with me Here are my most recent talks. Previous talks are on the talks archive page. A * indicates keynote


We all had to learn something new this year…

Southeastern NY Library Resources Council, 04jun21


Rochester Public Library, 17mar21

Public Libraries in the time of COVID

Vermont Humanities Council, 10mar21

Let’s talk taxes!

Rochester Public Library, 24feb21

Editing Wikipedia in Four Steps

MLA’s History of the Health Sciences Caucus, mar21

What’s Going On Online and Outside?
Rochester Public Library, 10feb21
The Problem of Whiteness in Libraries

VLA First Thursdays, 07jan21


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