my public talks


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I give talks on the intersection of libraries, technology and politics. My main blog is at

  • Rural library technology, technology education, and the digital divide
  • Copyright, fair use, controlled digital lending, and DRM in libraries
  • Policy issues such as legislation around privacy and social software in libraries.
  • Technology, website, and social media accessibility issues.

I enjoy public speaking and I’ve been doing it for two decades nationally, internationally, and online. If you would like me to give a talk, please don’t hesitate to read more about what I do my faq or my resume, or just get in touch with me Here are my most recent talks. Previous talks are on the talks archive page. A * indicates keynote


Every Problem Is Now a Technology Problem
Rutland Free Library Library (VT), 24apr24
Practical Internet Privacy (updated)
Plainfield Library (NH), 06mar24
Telling the Library’s Story Online – From the Big Picture to some of the Nitty-Gritty
Michigan Library Association Think Space, online, 20feb24


Fair Use: A Legal Loophole… or Is It?
NELA, Springfield MA, 15oct23
Panel: Digital Rights for Library Workers, The Path To Digital Equity
METRO, online, 02feb23


Social Justice & Technology in Libraries: The Path To Digital Equity
Amigos Library Services, online, 01dec22
Core Values of Librarianship
NYLA Developing Leaders Program, online, 18oct22
Partnering with libraries to lend non-traditional items
Vermont Conference on Recreation, Fairlee VT, 12oct22
Design for Access: Making Online Content Accessible
Reaching Across Illinois Library System (IL), 07sep22
It’s Computers All The Way Down: Navigating the Digital Divide in the COVID Era (watch this talk)
Central District Library Council (NY), 25may22
Fair Use: One Librarian’s Journey
Vermont Bar Association YLD, Montréal QC 30apr22