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So, my resolution to write all new talks for 2009 is meaning I spend a lot more time on them. “All new” may be a bit of a stretch since one of my recent talks contained a part of an earlier talk, but they’re all revamped and recontextualized. I was away for eight days. I did a training at the North Country Library System — a consortium that serves many tiny libraries just like mine, only in upstate New York instead of Vermont — that was a lot of fun. I then drove down to the Jersey Shore for one of my favorite library conferences, NJLA.

I don’t know exactly why NJLA is always so fun. I think it’s a combination of a well-organized and fun conference put on by an organization that doesn’t seem to be going broke and held in a neat location. The New Jersey librarians I have met there are a mix of older and younger librarians who seem to work and play well together. Maybe it’s just that they get my jokes. I did a talk about how to do some advanced stuff on YouTube and then also did an expansion of the Firefox talk that I did at Computers in Libraries.

As always my slides, notes and links are online and you can see them on these two pages.

Enjoy and if you came to any of these talks, thanks for being such a great audience.

3 thoughts on “talks I’ve done that might be helpful to you

  1. I was at your presentation on Advanced YouTubery and thought you did a great job! I got some really useful tips, especially the Greasemonkey scripts.

  2. Jessamyn, It was so great to meet you in person! I’m glad you like the NJLA conference…I do think the last few years at the con have been very progressive, organized and interesting! I wish I could have seen you speak in person, but will check out the slides. Thanks for attending our Graphic Novels section!

  3. Thanks for continuing to share the talks on line, yes I find it useful.

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