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php for librarian

donnagirl asks MetaFilter: “I have two weeks to learn PHP. Help me make a plan! Because my library job is ridiculously awesome, I’m being given two weeks to devote myself to learning php.” Good advice follows from the hive mind.

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any welsh speakers who can help with a vocab question?

Rikhei is looking for how to refer to a female librarian in Welsh over at Ask MetaFilter.

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I used up my April Fool on MetaFilter

I used up my April Fools energy making an April Fool AskMe page on MetaFilter. Those of you in reference positions may appreciate the jokes even if you’re not closely acquainted with the community. If you reload that page, you’ll … Continue reading

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weeding and noisy libraries, a community response

Simon Chamberlain’s VALIS blog points to a bunch of responses to the Wall Street Journal piece about what they see as aggressive weeding. He gives two nods to MetaFilter, one for the discussion about the WSJ thread [which I participated … Continue reading

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Ask Metafilter in the news

Just a few cool media mentions of Ask MetaFilter this week, neither of which were written by me or people I know. 1. NPR in their Five for Friday column says “Mom always said two heads were better than one. … Continue reading

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