I used up my April Fool on MetaFilter

I used up my April Fools energy making an April Fool AskMe page on MetaFilter. Those of you in reference positions may appreciate the jokes even if you’re not closely acquainted with the community. If you reload that page, you’ll get to the main page of AskMe as it usually is. The other site admins and I really tried for something that was mostly funny and not very confusing. I never like feeling that I spend the whole day on the first of April fending off bad jokes at my expense.

4 thoughts on “I used up my April Fool on MetaFilter

  1. “Where do babies come from? I asked over at Yahoo Answers but I’m all like NOWAI and they’re all like SRSLY. Hope me hivemind! ”

    Just like everyday on Virtual Ref.

  2. One spelling correction on your april fool AskMe page. Wookiee – is the correct spelling. I learned that while trying to confirm the name of Homer Simpson’s high-school cologne, “Scent of a Wookiee”

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