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remaindered links and a short report

People have been sending me some great links which I’ve been consolidating for a “best of inbox” post here today. This is a rainy Vermont weekend coming up which means indoor projects and I’m waiting for the kitchen floor to … Continue reading

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how to make a “we’ve got ubuntu” announcement

Doug Lord from the Connecticut State Library passed along a neat little post from the Conntech listserv from the Cheshire Public Library announcing their new Ubuntu computer. Notice how psyched they sound, how easy the install is, how familiar the … Continue reading

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some more open source ubuntu help for libraries

School Library Journal this month has a test drive of Edubuntu — the Ubuntu distribution that was created for use in classrooms. When I installed Edubuntu on three different generations of laptops, each with different wireless cards, I was astounded … Continue reading

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quickie Ubuntu update

So it’s been a while since I checked in from the Ubuntu installs at the library. Life intervened in a ton of ways. I went back over to the library today. I spent most of my time helping a Ukranian … Continue reading

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ubunutu follow-up, explanations and links

Wow, so that was a crazy 36 hours or so. I posted that video, went to bed and woke up to find I was a minor media sensation. The video has been seen almost 14,000 times. Cory Doctorow called me … Continue reading

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