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does giving out laptops help or hinder the digital divide?

Interested in the actual educational effects of giving laptops to students? Some interesting conclusions from a paper by Jacob Vigdor entitled Scaling the Digital Divide: Home Computer Technology and Student Achievement (pdf). The study is a North Carolina-wide look at … Continue reading

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Google Answerers, a tally

Now that Google Answers is no longer an active project it’s easy to use Google itself to do some tabulating of who was actually doing what there. Using a pretty simple query the folks over at Web Owls have compiled … Continue reading

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“open to the public” != public library – a day (almost) at the Newberry

I had a free day in Chicago today and was planning some library visits. Usually when I’m in Chicago I just go to the downtown library and then complain. This time I wanted to go someplace different, and out of … Continue reading

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how people find health information online

Librarians know this, Pew confirms it: people look for health information online in ways that are somewhat irrational [link updated]. Special bonus for those that read to the end of this report: Medical Library Association: A User’s Guide to Finding … Continue reading

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