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can your users “recreate” @ your library?

From The Librarian’s Rant comes this report from AL Online of a public library in Florida blocking MySpace because their Internet use policy prohibits using the computers for “chat-room access, e-mail, and recreational uses.” The actual policy goes so far … Continue reading

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some 2.0 for the academic libraries

I met Michael Habib when I was down at UNC Chapel Hill last year and I think now we’re associated via various social networks. I caught his blog post Academic Library 2.0 Concept Models and I think you’ll like it … Continue reading

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DOPA, what? A wrap up, post vote.

I probably should have mentioned in the title that my post yesterday was discussing DOPA. It’s certainly been a topic today, here are just the posts that I saw in my aggegator today. Walt Crawford is normally fairly apolitical but … Continue reading

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rock and roll library tours

The High Strung [myspace] is on a National Rock & Roll Library Tour this Summer. How do I know? I read about it on Flickr. In other mashup-type news, Bloodhag [myspace] has come out with … a book. Who else … Continue reading

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How was your day, dear? myspace and irc and blogs, oh my!

It’s been a while since I talked about what I do all day. Now that I’m a bit more outspoken about the work I do at MetaFilter, I’ll wrap that into my little daily report. This is from yesterday. I … Continue reading

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