can your users “recreate” @ your library?

From The Librarian’s Rant comes this report from AL Online of a public library in Florida blocking MySpace because their Internet use policy prohibits using the computers for “chat-room access, e-mail, and recreational uses.” The actual policy goes so far as to prohibit “entertainment” use as well, so they block YouTube. Longer article here, please make sure to note the MySpace = predators assertion.

3 thoughts on “can your users “recreate” @ your library?

  1. It’s always sad when administrators take this sort of bureaucratic attitude.

    Overall this is a very short-sighted as more and more in order to fully partake in a democracy you need an e-mail address and way of communicating with people electronically. This allows you to find like minded individuals and influence government representatives. MySpace helps fill this role nicely so should be allowed in any library.

    One of the small advantages to the system in my library (In New Zealand) is that because customers must pay for access they can use any service they like so long as it doesn’t violate the library policy on “Adult Content”.

  2. I would love to know how “entertainment” uses are to be defined. Should they ban access to the library’s OPAC, as people would be using precious bandwidth to look up [gasp] fiction titles?

  3. I read that as “can your users “procreate” @ your library?” Man was I disappointed.

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