some 2.0 for the academic libraries

I met Michael Habib when I was down at UNC Chapel Hill last year and I think now we’re associated via various social networks. I caught his blog post Academic Library 2.0 Concept Models and I think you’ll like it if you’ve been wondering where social software fits in an academic library environment. Hot Venn Diagrams! Available for hire 2.0 librarian!

2 thoughts on “some 2.0 for the academic libraries

  1. Ha! I’m dying here… “hot venn diagrams” !!??!?! Hee…
    Only us crazy librarians would say something like that!

  2. @David,
    Why crazy? I wish maths teachers would use Google and (prefereable) Yahoo! Search in their lessons on Venn diagrams and Bolean Algebra. Would make terrific illustrations with real world applications.

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