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“Sicko” showing cancelled at Enfield PL – link round-up

Connecticut Library Association has a great link round-up about the Enfield Public Library’s decision to cancel its showing of the movie Sicko in response to pressure from town council. Under pressure from the town council to either reschedule or reformat … Continue reading

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something fun for a rainy Tuesday

Hi there — I’ve been answering a lot of Palin-related email over the past few days and getting ready for some upcoming travel. I found this link during non-work-related web surfing and enjoyed the fact that it’s a fun, possibly … Continue reading

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personal improvement projects and some links

So, I’m officially on a vacation which means I’m tootling around Portland Oregon visiting libraries and seeing friends. I am pleased to report that I am liking this vacation business and will endeavor to do more of it. My project … Continue reading

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The Time Traveler’s Wife coming to the big screen

If, like me, you loved The Time Traveler’s Wife and its central librarian character, you might be happy to know that Gus Van Sant is saying it will be the next movie that he does. Briefest of updates on IMDB. … Continue reading

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