something fun for a rainy Tuesday

Hi there — I’ve been answering a lot of Palin-related email over the past few days and getting ready for some upcoming travel. I found this link during non-work-related web surfing and enjoyed the fact that it’s a fun, possibly awesome YouTube video that got the attention of the Guardian’s film critic and it was put together by Alonzo Mosley (pseud.) a self-described librarian in Florida who did the research that makes it so terrific. Here’s his blog where he’s also recently posted a centennial edition of the 100 movies, 100 quotes video.

6 thoughts on “something fun for a rainy Tuesday

  1. oh. and for an interesting article — published in 1997, if the evidence is true and correct — go to Newsbank and do a search on Palin and Library.

    that 2008 article that’s been flying around is a little distant in time from the actual events in question.

  2. (pointed out to me by a former classmate – not an ‘original find’.)

  3. That YouTube movie is incredible. I can’t even imagine how long that must have taken and the research involved. I have to admit the geek in me is pretty chuffed at number one :)

  4. Hi Jessamyn, you seem to be a star, my dear!
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  5. I love the tip of the hat to Midnight Run with the selection of Alonzo Mosley as a pseudonym. A favourite movie of mine.

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