personal improvement projects and some links

So, I’m officially on a vacation which means I’m tootling around Portland Oregon visiting libraries and seeing friends. I am pleased to report that I am liking this vacation business and will endeavor to do more of it. My project as I mentioned earlier was to stay caught up on RSS feeds because I was starting to become one of those “who’s got time for all this?” people which was simply unacceptable. To that end, I used some stuck-in-airport time to cull down my list of RSS feeds I was following — deleting blogs that haven’t updated since 2005, removing blogs whose feeds have moved — and make sure everything I was following I was actually reading. I suggest you take some time to do the same. For the record, I follow about 150 feeds total. That includes friends, family, librarians, a few music blogs and some MetaFilter-work stuff. My next project is to catch up on all the music that needs listening to.

I have a short list of links to make sure I mention and then I’m all set and “caught up” in whatever that means for someone like me. I hope your Summer is treating you well.

3 comments for “personal improvement projects and some links

  1. Lisa
    17Jul08 at 6:07

    Hey, welcome to Portland! Have fun browsing the city, visiting friends and such.

  2. 18Jul08 at 12:10

    don’t forget to go to Montage, yummy restaurant under the Morrison Bridge!

  3. Lisa
    18Jul08 at 12:35

    And Powell’s! You can’t leave Portland until you wander the aisles at Powell’s on Burnside!

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