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MyKLOW gets websites to libraries that need them

“The My Kansas Library on the Web project is an attempt to allow small public libraries across the state have access to high end web-based tools to facilitate easy web development. Translation: It’s a way to make your library’s website … Continue reading

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Library Link Odds and Ends

I’ve been travelling and working more than I’ve been surfing and sharing lately. That will change this Summer, but for now it’s the reality of what seems to be The Conference Season. Here are some nifty links that people have … Continue reading

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Why is Josh Neff smiling?

… because he just got back from Library Camp Kansas and had a great time. Or, as Michael Sauers’ shirt says “im in ur STATE UNing ur CONFERENCE” More photos from the libcampks08 tag and a few more blog posts … Continue reading

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high tech to low(er) tech and the blogs in between

So, I gave my talk at Access and it went pretty well. I was a little out of my element since I’m usually the techie person talking to less techie people. Here I was representing the non-techies with a message … Continue reading

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My 2.0 Talk at the LARC meeting

I have a talk today at the Library Association of Rockland County meeting today in Suffern New York. I gave a variant of the 2.0 talk I have been giving lately. This one is called Web 2.0, Library 2.0, Librarian … Continue reading

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