Library Link Odds and Ends

I’ve been travelling and working more than I’ve been surfing and sharing lately. That will change this Summer, but for now it’s the reality of what seems to be The Conference Season. Here are some nifty links that people have sent me, and ones that I have noticed over the past few weeks. Sort of a random grab bag.

One thought on “Library Link Odds and Ends

  1. Thanks for the link to Seattle Public’s blog. It is quite nice, as you point out. However, I also noticed that the postings are generating only a very few comments from readers. The lack of response is evident on our homepage/blog as well, though we are a much smaller community than Seattle. I am frustrated that our customers aren’t jumping on this bandwagon, though take some small comfort (sorry, Seattle!) that even the big libraries can’t seem to sell Library 2.0. Any thoughts on leading the horse and making him drink?

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