MyKLOW gets websites to libraries that need them

“The My Kansas Library on the Web project is an attempt to allow small public libraries across the state have access to high end web-based tools to facilitate easy web development.

Translation: It’s a way to make your library’s website all that it can be and more by giving you easy to use tools that are accessible from ANYWHERE there is an Internet connection.” Smart project and attractive and easy-to-use site from the Kansas Regional Library Systems and the State Library of Kansas.

4 thoughts on “MyKLOW gets websites to libraries that need them

  1. Who is it at Kansas Regional Library Systems and/or the State Library of Kansas that seems to be such a forward thinker? I think I’ve heard about them before… for instance, I believe that their employees have been having Second Life meetings for quite some time now. Kansas! Who knew?

  2. That would be Brenda Hough and Liz Rea. Brenda was the Technology Consultant at the Northeast Kansas Library System from 2005 to last April and Liz is our System Administrator. Brenda has moved on to bigger and better things, but she left a legacy of innovation (and really cute shoes to fill).

  3. It is definitely the partnership between the Kansas Library Systems and the State Library that has taken us forward in Kansas. With KLOW, NEKLS (Brenda & Liz & Jim Minges)brought the idea forward, and the State Library & the other systems helped fund it. It’s available to any library, and is a great product.
    Yup, Kansas. We’re not just wheat and ruby slippers anymore….:)

  4. Good to know. And I didn’t mean to sound like a snob about Kansas… I come from an obscure Canadian province, after all.

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