2018 in Libraries

tree in the Warren Library kids' room

I continue to visit libraries every chance I get. This year I worked in my local library so my visit count is way up, I also gave my privacy talk at six Vermont libraries which was more visits. The rest were working on my VT 183 project or just curiosity. The pie chart isn’t that interesting, but you can see it here. I decided to just include a photo of one of the great libraries I visited in Warren Vermont.

This year I went to 45 libraries in six states and one Canadian province. One hundred and three visits total. Previous years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and some reviews from 2003.

Libraries I went to a lot

  • Kimball (VT) – my local
  • Hartness/VTC (VT) – my local academic
  • Westport (MA) – summer local, did more summer reading this year
  • Carney/Dartmouth (MA) – summer academic

All the rest

  • UH/Hamilton (HI) – went here several times when I was in Hawai’i, the library school is in the basement
  • Charlotte (VT) – planning VLA stuff and giving a talk
  • Fall River (MA) – neat art collection, neat book sale
  • Boston Public (MA) – performed a wedding here, also read some books
  • Hinesburg (VT) – privacy talk, great hosts
  • Wood/Canandaigua (MA) – went for a walk during a conference to see this place
  • Hawaii State Library (HI) – somehow still mad they don’t have free wifi
  • UH/Sinclair (HI) – another library on the UH campus, very neat
  • UH/Law (HI) – great late night place to catch up on email
  • Enfield (NH) – showed me a very good time for my talk
  • Starksboro (VT) – got a tour of attic and basement and enjoyed working here
  • Bibliothèque Côte-Des-Neiges/Montréal (Canada) – funky interior, great multilingual collections, esp of graphic novels
  • Moretown (VT) – cutest library of 2018
  • Jericho (VT) – met an old timer and had a great talk, nice small book sale
  • Essex (VT) – classic old library
  • North Dartmouth (MA) – always a fave in the summer, quiet and easy to get to
  • VT State Library – Barre (formerly MontP) (VT) – enjoyed my tour
  • Bailey-Howe/UVM (VT) – now just Howe
  • VT Law (VT) – catching up on email and quietness after a long meeting
  • Seneca Falls (NY) – scooting past, I decided to stop in, somehow did not take a photo
  • Taunton Public (MA) – Carnegie surprise!
  • Brown/Northfield (VT) – a local I should visit more
  • Alling/Williston (VT) – always good to see Marti
  • Manoa Public (HI) – an odd collection of stuff, great neighborhood library
  • Brooklyn central (NY) – coming here for ULU is always a delight
  • Boxboro (MA) – saw the leaf they put in the “giving tree” for my mom, awwww
  • Quincy Main (MA) – good to see Clayton
  • Richmond (VT) – What a weird fun library!
  • Bristol (VT) – they let me peek in the attic, the librarian had never been up there!
  • Swanton (VT) – on the way out of the country
  • New Haven Community (VT) – an odd little library, packed with people
  • Warren (VT) – pictured above
  • Waitsfield (VT) – another classic library, right on the main drag
  • South Burlington (VT) – saw their temp location in the mall and it is great!
  • Waterbury (VT) – nice big sunny library
  • Rochester (VT) – an exceptional program on marijuana cultivation
  • Sharon (MA) – stopped by on the way to visit friends
  • Burnahm (VT) – a meeting, a fun meeting!
  • BPL/Chinatown (MA) – on my way somewhere else, this temp branch was hard to find
  • Fletcher/Burlington (VT) – always great to see Mary
  • Tiverton (RI) – a fave local hang out

One thought on “2018 in Libraries

  1. In October I did a week-long bike tour in Vermont, and I was struck by the ubiquity of libraries in even the smallest towns. In Wisconsin (where I’ve never lived but where I’ve spent a little time) no town is too small for a bar (I once counted several in a town of ~200); in Vermont it seems no town is too small for a library. Since I was racing the daylight each day I only visited two: in Woodstock (so fancy!), where I bought a book from their book sale to read on the train ride home, since my Kindle cracked on the first day, and in Randolph, where I warmed up for a couple hours before setting up camp in the town forest on my last day. You’re so lucky to be able to visit so many of them!

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