2012 in libraries

I tracked the libraries that I visited this year. I have also done this in 2011, 2010 and 2009.

I went to thirty-five different libraries in eleven states for fifty-four visits total. I’m sure I have forgotten some. Here’s the short annotated list of what I was doing in libraries last year. Foursquare really helped me keep this list up to date. Top three libraries are the same as last year.

  • Kimball Library, Randolph VT – this is the library where I work as an on-call part timer since I live up the street, and also where I check out books
  • Hartness Library, VTC, Randolph VT – this is the good college library nearby me where anyone in the state can get a library card. I’ve got renewed interest in it since I started watching TV series on my ipad when at the gym.
  • Westport, MA – the library in the town where my father lived and where I still spend a good amount of time. Great booksale.
  • Lawrenceburg, IN – was here for a conference, stopped at the library twice, lovely place
  • Kilton Library, Lebanon NH – saying hi to Virgil again
  • Cranston, RI – hung out with Ed Garcia and got to see his cool library
  • Keene State, Keene NH – got a tour from the library director after a talk there
  • Carthage, MO – stopped by on my way cross-country
  • Nashville TN – stopped in en route to the TN Library association conference, really nice place, amazing renovations
  • Knoxville Public, TN – a library in need of some serious renovations, stark contrast to Nashville
  • NYPL/SIBL, NY – always a favorite, sorry it’s going away
  • Worcester PL, MA – checked the place out after a conference, a really well designed place
  • Ellis (Mizzou), Columbia MO – one of those wacky places with an old and a new part that don’t quite line up. Enjoyed my tour.
  • S. Boone County, Columbia MO – a nice newish library
  • Cranston, Hall Branch, RI – a fancier cousin to the main Cranston library, neat basement
  • AVA South Studio Library, NH – attached to an art gallery, a nice selection of books
  • East Providence, RI – waited here before meeting someone at a nearby comedy club when it was raining, nice staff
  • Hudson, MA – an old funky building, terrific hang out spot
  • Midstate, Berlin VT – we had an unconference here which was a great time
  • Watertown, MA – a neat new and old library with huge collection and a lot of neat places to hang out
  • Chelmsford, MA – saying hi to Brian
  • Mendik/NYLS, NY – chilling out after a busy conference, a neat basement library
  • Cambridge, MA – hanging out waiting for Jim to get out from his colonoscopy, thumbs up!
  • Pasadena, CA – an odd old building only sort of repurposed for modern uses
  • Hartland VT – my friend Mary doesn’t work here anymore!
  • Keene Public, NH – scooted by here on my way out of town
  • Fall River, MA – lovely old building
  • Chelsea, VT – saying hi to my friend Virgil
  • Howe/Hanover NH – stopping by en route to meeting some friends in from out of town, playable piano out front
  • St Louis – Machacek – this library did not have wifi, I was stunned
  • Berlin MA – such a cute small and awesome library
  • Blount County/Maryville TN – a neat middle-of noplace branch, super well designed and hoppin’
  • Rochester, VT – doing a lot with not very much
  • CUNY, NY – in an old department store building, fun tour
  • Charlotte, NC – an amazing bustling city library with some weird old empty parts to it

6 thoughts on “2012 in libraries

  1. That’s something of a surprise for the Machacek branch of the St. Louis Public Library, as that particular branch is considered to be one of the better ones in that system.

  2. We need to get you down here to the DC area. A Library of Congress visit, say. :)

  3. Hmm, they were renovating the Machacek branch when I went by so it’s possible that some of it wasn’t available when I was there and would have been normally available, it just seemed full (not a bad thing) and a little run down (not totally unusual) and no working wifi which was unusual. More surprising than anything.

  4. Ironic that as a fellow Vermonter the only one of these libraries I’ve been to is the one in Maryville, TN. You called it the ‘middle of noplace’; I called it ‘the big city’ the winter I was working in the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I made the pilgrimage every few weeks to Maryville for groceries and a visit to the library, usually a much longer visit than I intended. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Glad you visited the Howe again, Jessamyn, especially when the piano was out front. There were 50 pianos scattered about the Upper Valley to celebrate Dartmouth’s Hopkins Center 50th anniversary. Each piano was decorated by a different artist. It was great fun. Sorry I missed you. —Mary

  6. Jodi, that’s totally great. I had been staying in Knoxville so it seemed more noplaceish but then we went up into the Smokies and it was just fantastic. Of course I mean middle of noplace in an endearing way.

    Mary, I totally looked to see if you were in but it was a weekend and it didn’t look like it. I’ll come by and say hi sometime. Virgil is now my neighbor!

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