2017 in libraries

pie chart summary of data from 2017 here: https://daytum.com/librarian


I love to visit libraries. Every year I make a list and think about it at year’s end. This year I went to 48 libraries in seven states and three Canadian provinces. Eighty-seven library visits total. Previous years: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and some reviews from 2003.

It was a weird year. I spent more of it away from home than usual, needing things to distract me. I followed more well-trodden paths otherwise. I was planning to visit ALL the Harvard libraries before my fellowship expired, but things don’t always go like I plan.

Libraries I went to a lot

  • Kimball (VT) – My local
  • Hartness (VT) – The local academic
  • Chelsea (VT) – Over the mountain, I worked some shifts this year.
  • Boxboro (MA) – Library that my mom went to, I probably went there more than twice but that’s all I wrote down

All the rest of the libraries

  • Woodstock (VT) – stopped by on a snowy day
  • Brooklyn Central (NY) – gave a talk and got to open one of those BIG windows out front
  • Barre High (VT) – said hello after my CRAAP talk
  • Bryant (RI) – RILA talk, such a nice library
  • Acton (MA) – the library I spent the most time in as a teenager
  • Baraboo (WI) – cute and lovely Carnegie
  • Rockingham (VT) – gave a privacy talk, enjoyed the Hetty Green exhibits
  • Hartland (VT) – did some Passport planning
  • Strathcona/EPL (Edmonton AB) – a lovely old building in Edmonton
  • Toronto Ref (Toronto ON) – The Ref, so big, so grand, got the full tour
  • Belcher/Gaysville (VT) – a live-in library with a lot of funky stories
  • UToronto/Fisher (Toronto ON) – big and bold
  • Rutherford/UA (Edmonton AB) – lots of places to wander in this library, love the engagement work they do
  • Cumberland (RI) – full tour including the roof!
  • Toronto/Gladstone (Toronto ON) – a lovely and PACKED public library
  • Aurora Hills (VA) – this library is not accessible to people in wheelchairs
  • Alburg (VT) – on my way out of the country, they loan snowshoes
  • Westport (MA) – did not manage to get here much
  • Norwich U (VT) – haven’t been here in a while and was happy to go back
  • VT State Library (VT) – they are moving to a new building! maybe my last time here
  • Montreal PL (Quebec) – wide-ranging and somewhat opaque to someone who doesn’t speak good French
  • Montpelier PL (VT) – love all the wood in this place
  • Springfield (VT) – stopped by to see Amy
  • Randall/Stow (MA) – raptor show!!
  • Harvard Public (MA) – really great renovation at this place
  • Brown/Northfield (VT) – stopped by on a cold day
  • Brookfield (VT) – a classic one room library
  • Widener/Harvard (MA) – the library to end all libraries, spent a lot of time in the basement
  • Library of Congress (DC) – the other library to end all libraries
  • Toronto/Palmerston (Toronto ON) – a small branch, very busy
  • Toronto/Robarts (Toronto ON) – big and wide ranging, hard to get in and out of
  • Maynard (MA) – killed some time here and enjoyed it
  • West Acton (MA) – never been to this tiny library before
  • Bethel (VT) – taught a class and it went well
  • Wayland (MA) – the library near the hospice, under construction
  • Arlington popup (VA) – seemed to be the antidote for the other non-accessible library. very hard to find
  • Tozzier/Harvard (MA) – open a lot, wish I could have spent more time here
  • Quechee (VT) – old and classic, we looked at bird books here
  • Rochester (VT) – privacy talk and hang out time, new kids space is great
  • Goodnow/Sudbury (MA) – also close to hospice and a much better/bigger and more welcoming library
  • Saratoga Springs PL (FL) – a great place walking distance from the conference
  • Tiverton PL (RI) – did not get here as much as I wanted either
  • Whiting/Chester (VT) – stopped by to drop off passports, met some nice men and we had a great talk
  • Niceville PL (FL) – quick stop to say hi to the fish tank

I remain eternally grateful to people who took time out from their jobs to show me around, tell me their stories and share with me what is special about their communities.

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  1. 22Jan18 at 11:57

    I just opened a link to a job posting at the Hartness Library – I’ll give it some extra consideration if it means I’d get to meet one of my fave library bloggers ;)

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