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the system, sort of working

I’ve been doing a lot of writing in my newsletter lately. You might like to read it but I do still post here from time to time and I keep my talks list and my booklist updated. This week I … Continue reading

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droolworthy celeb library photos

I know it’s linkbait. It’s also a re-tweet, as a blogpost, and then tweeted. Sorry folks, but I liked this link. RT @hipsterbookclub: Damn. Michael Jackson had a cozy library. Some nice photos of some nice celebrity libraries. [via].

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did you follow a library on Friday?

I made a little video for Follow a Library Day and so did a lot of other people. I enjoyed this small awareness-raising exercise. It made me look up a few new libraries on Twitter, it helped me meet a … Continue reading

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missing ALA this year

I sort of have a “How can I miss you if you won’t go away” feeling about ALA most years. I went when I was a councilor. I went when it was near me. I went when I was speaking … Continue reading

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A few things going on, googley and otherwise

I’ve been reading more, typing less. My super-bloggy friends told me lat year sometime that a lot of their friends were blogging less and Twittering more. I was surprised to hear that since it hadn’t really trickled down to my … Continue reading

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