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Why digital literacy should include privacy education.

A friend pointed me to an article about educating novice users about technology: Joining the Surveillance Society? New Internet Users in an Age of Tracking (full article PDF). The article calls them “marginal users” which is a term I hadn’t … Continue reading

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One School, One Library, One Librarian

Why South Africa is failing its children and what people are doing to try to solve the problem. [F]ewer than 7% of schools in South Africa have a functioning library. Perhaps 21% have some kind of structure called a reading … Continue reading

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nuns vs. librarians spelling bee cage match of dooooooom

When nuns are using the Internet to practice for the spelling bee, do the librarians stand a chance, especially when the nuns know a lot of Latin? The librarians have won the last two years in a row, but the … Continue reading

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the illiterate libraran, a community library in an impoverished Brazilian neighborhood

The Community Library, 18th Street. A labor of love library in Sao Goncalo, Brazil. The house has been christened, as the big, hand-painted sign on the roof proudly announces, the Community Library, 18th Street. On busy afternoons, it’s standing room … Continue reading

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serving lower literacy users through effective web design

Low-literacy users have different online behaviors than high-literacy users. They don’t scan, they read. It’s easier for them to miss important information that is outside of the normal text-areas. The good news? it’s easy to improve usability for low-literacy users … Continue reading

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