One School, One Library, One Librarian

Why South Africa is failing its children and what people are doing to try to solve the problem.

[F]ewer than 7% of schools in South Africa have a functioning library. Perhaps 21% have some kind of structure called a reading room, but these are usually used for classrooms, are seldom stocked properly and do not have a library professional in charge to ensure that the right books are there and that they are used properly. The lack of libraries compounds the many problems, such as teachers’ poor subject knowledge and poor access to textbooks, that plague our schooling system. These factors combine to make our reading outcomes, at all grade levels, among the worst in Africa.

2 thoughts on “One School, One Library, One Librarian

  1. The main role here is gov political will to improve their quality of education thru library. They should give fund for library or get people professionally trained about library system and put them as volunteer.

  2. Library is the heart of schooling and education. I do not understand how scholars can go to school and learn effectively without resourced library.

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