nuns vs. librarians spelling bee cage match of dooooooom

When nuns are using the Internet to practice for the spelling bee, do the librarians stand a chance, especially when the nuns know a lot of Latin? The librarians have won the last two years in a row, but the nuns haven’t been in the running since 2001. The ninth annual bee happens tomorrow and is a benefit for a Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission helping adults with literacy skills. update: check the comments, librarians win!!

5 thoughts on “nuns vs. librarians spelling bee cage match of dooooooom

  1. They did this story on the Today show this morning, and the librarians won!

    …Not that I’ve got anything against nuns, but still! Hoo-ah!

  2. Yes, the librarians won! The spelling bee went 13 rounds. The final three teams were the Kenton County Public Library, the Boone County Public Library and the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery. Truly, the battle of the librarians and nuns. When the Kenton County team missed their word, it was down to the Boone County Public Library and the Benedictine Sisters. The Benedictine Sisters missed the word chimopelagic (can you blame them?) meaning deep sea organisms that return to the surface for light every once in a while. The Boone County librarians spelled it right and then had to spell their own word which was trinitrotoluene. The bee ended in a bang with the librarians winning.
    The competition was all in good fun: money was raised for a worthy cause, hugs were shared, and promises were given for another match next year. For me it was bittersweet since I’m a Benedictine sister and development director for St. Walburg Monastery and a librarian!

  3. That’s hilarious! I’ve been roped into doing the “celebrity” spelling bee at the Ann Arbor Book Festival this year, and I get the sneaking suspicion there’s something they’re not telling me about it…they all seem a little too enthused.

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