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Library 2.0

Sometimes when librarians talk like marketing people, the things they say work. Here’s a nifty little article that coalesces a lot of the smart talk I heard at Internet Librarian. Library 2.0 Movement Sees Benefits in Collaboration with Patrons.

Some IL05 thoughts

I’ve been chewing over things since I got back from Internet Librarian last week. I’ve been spending the week teaching people the difference between “save” and “save as” and showing librarians how to insert pictures into text documents and the…

Flickr, Tagging and the F-Word, a talk by me

Here are the notes for the short talk I gave today: Flickr, Tagging and the F-Word. I’ll see if Jenny’s are around, she had a lot more examples and expanded a lot on this one small area I talked about.…

Hi I’m at Internet Librarian

For anyone who is at Internet Librarian, I’ll be speaking with Jenny Levine today at 2:15 about social software, Flickr and what libraries can do with them.