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not so kuddly kindle

Rochelle asks and Amazon answers: is loaning the Kindle (by libraries) a violation of Amazon.com’s terms of service. Answer: yes.

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the future of reading, Amazon.com’s then and now statements

I learned what I know about greasemonkey and an awful lot about accessibility by reading Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Accessibility and Dive Into Greasemonkey. He has a blog at DiveIntoMark, of course, which I sometimes read. Today I was directed … Continue reading

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nownow.com/nownow answers by email… NOW

I am intrigued by nownow.com, Amazon’s answers-like service that allows you to ask questions via your phone [or other web enabled device] and they’ll email you back three answers, fast. Looks like the answers come from people working for mturk.com … Continue reading

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askville, questiontown, referenceland, infoworld

Amazon.com is getting into the community Q & A game with their new website AskVille. It’s in limited beta right now, but feel free to IM me (US and Canada only) and I’ll be happy to spot you an invite. … Continue reading

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make Amazon suck like your OPAC. innovative + api haxie

If Amazon sucked like our old OPAC. To be fair, this Innovative version is pretty ancient. Funny? Yes. Accurate? Not entirely. [thanks marlene]

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