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TILT – today in librarian tabs v. 3

Before I forget, I’ve actually started a Tiny Letter, also called TILT though it’s a bit more essay-ish than these posts. Subscribe if you like this sort of thing in your inbox. Infrequent messages, well-designed and lovingly delivered. Been thinking … Continue reading

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Last day to comment on ADA expansion to include website accessibility

“The Department of Justice wants to broaden the authority of the Americans with Disabilities Act in regard to the Internet and specifically websites. Today is the final day for public comment on that proposal. Meanwhile, new data has emerged that … Continue reading

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digital media and accessibility, the kindle 2

I don’t have a Kindle. That said, I accept the inevitability of the idea that more and more of our reading content is going to be delivered digitally. That’s why I think it’s important to understand these tools even if … Continue reading

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ala midwinter page now accessible

Good news, the ALA Midwinter website now has ALT tags for all of their image-based navigation. Thanks to Stephanie Hoerner for making the changes necessary to make this page accessible. Apparently the two emails that I sent asking about this … Continue reading

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Accessibility in books, websites, libraries and your mind.

I have been reading a lot of books about accessible design lately. This started around the time that I got sent this story about the National Library for the Blind in Norway and some of the design flaws that make … Continue reading

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