Month: August 2005

Katrina: how librarians can help

This just came on the Council list. There is a Yahoo group for librarians who want to help with the Katrina Recovery Effort.

make sure you know the gazingus protocol!

Every now and then I’m asked if I know how to do something I don’t know how to do. Most recently this came about when the staff at the school I work at wanted to learn Macromedia Contribute, for messing…

preparedness, before and after

It’s All Good plugs OCLCs digitizing services [“aren’t you glad you’ve done the hard work of digitizing all your special collections at times like these?“], and then points to two useful pages on the SOLINET web site: Before the Storm:…

emergencies, public information, and libraries

When disaster strikes, is the library web site a place you could go to for breaking news, even if the library was closed? I hate to be a disaster vulture, but I always wonder when things happen like the tsunami,…

other side of the digital divide

The Filipino Librarian talks about how the capacity to experiment with technology, or not, creates the real digital divide.