On government and libraries – two important things

1. Supreme Court KIRTSAENG v WILEY decision came down, supporting first sale doctrine even for copyrighted works made abroad. This is good news for Team Library. Here’s more analysis from ACRL that declares it “a total victory for libraries”

2. Now that we’ve gotten a nice little bump from the We the People petition to increase the public’s access to the results of publicly funded science research, let’s keep pushing for more access to (and funding for) government information.

Petition: Require free online permanent public access to ALL federal government information and publications.

More explanation over at FreeGovInfo.

my talk from ACRL-OR

I’m in the back of the room at the ACRL Oregon & Washington conference called Resistance Is Futile: Academia Meets the NeXt Generation. My talk Sensible Approaches to New Technology in Libraries, subtitled How do you work Library 2.0 into your 1.5 library with your 1.23 staff and your .98 patrons is online and it’s been updated since the last time I gave a sensible tech type of talk.

serving the “internet natives” @ your library

This is a neat thing to find, a newspaper article discussing an event at an ACRL conference. The topic? Serving the new generations of college students who come to the library with all new expectations.

One University of Minnesota student had a bagful of electronics with him: iPod, PalmPilot, cell phone. He was bright, opinionated, well-spoken.

And when was the last time he was in the U’s library?

“Last year,” he said.

The collective intake of breath nearly turned the room into a vacuum. What’s a university librarian to do with this generation of college students?

[thanks kathleen]