Teaching Tech – a talk for the Michigan Library Consortium

I gave a talk this afternoon for a one day workshop given by the Michigan Library Consortium about teaching technology in libraries. It was a keynote-ish talk so more “big picture” talking and less “this is how we do it.”

To that end, I did a new-from-the-ground-up talk about technology instruction and even wrote out notes for all of my slides so people who weren’t there could maybe follow along later. As anyone who has seen me speak knows, I tend to extemporanize (sp?) quite a bit so while the bones of the talk are in the notes, I also told a lot of stories about the libraries I work in and waved my hands around a lot. You can see the notes and a mov or pdf of the slides here: Teaching Tech in Libraries: what are we doing?

I’m still trying to find a good way to put slideware talks online without having to re-give the talk and toss it into Slideshare. Big thanks to all the folks from Michigan for being such a great audience and Twitterfolks for giving me some good advice. (go be Flickr friends with Kevin to see more (admittedly, not that fascinating) photos of this event)

2 thoughts on “Teaching Tech – a talk for the Michigan Library Consortium

  1. I assume you’re using Powerpoint for your slides. If so, do you use the notes section. It provides you with space to put the comments you’re going to make to accompany the slide, you can read them on your PC but they won’t display on screen. (You can also print them out.) Had you thought about creating your slides and including your “notes”? That way people will get a synopsis of the remarks you made along with each slide. Just a thought.

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