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Geaux Library Project, links and news

The Geaux Library Project [see blog here] has been making great strides providing relief assistance to Katrina victims and the displaced all over the South. They are looking for volunteers, mostly onsite but some remotely. Got some library geek skills…

can you help the LA State Library with technology equipment?

The State Library of Lousiana has increased its hours so that people can use its computers. They could use even more computers and printers. If you can donate, please help. You may remember that Rebecca Hamilton the Louisiana State Librarian…

Katrina: how librarians can help

This just came on the Council list. There is a Yahoo group for librarians who want to help with the Katrina Recovery Effort.

Librarians for Peace petition

Also in the universe, a newish petition to urge the US Government to end the occupation of Iraq.

well, my work here is done

I’m always embarassed when great content sources somehow escape my notice. Please go bookmark, right now.