SRRT Statement to ALA Council, 6/28/06

[reprinted with permission from the Library Juice blog]
The Action Council of the Social Responsibilities Task Force made the decision that we could not leave New Orleans without issuing a statement bearing witness to what we have seen, heard and experienced while here during ALA’s annual meeting.

We have witnessed that the spirit, hospitality and creativity of New Orleans is alive and well. So too is the generosity of all those who have traveled from all points of the globe to lend a hand in cleaning debris, in restocking shelves, rebuilding homes and in bringing rays of hope to a community of people, many of whom feel largely abandoned and forgotten.

We have also witnessed that New Orleans and surrounding regions remain terribly broken and languishing nearly one year after hurricanes and political negligence inflicted horrible injuries from which the area continues to suffer.

We urge all our fellow ALA members and friends to return to our homes and libraries ready to share what we have witnessed and to pressure the federal government to mobilize the financial, organizational and human resources necessary to make this region and its people whole again. SRRT also wishes to note that the greatness of the United States lies, not in its military power, mammoth bank accounts, mighty corporations and culture of consumption, but rather in the simple humanity, generous hearts and helping hands of its ordinary people. These are the forces that can heal this region, and they must be given the resources and opportunity to do so.

See you at the PLA Blog

I’m in New Orleans and arrived safe and sound depsite the same travel problems that everyone else seemed to have. I’m in the Council information session listening to Leslie Burger talk about (I might say “defend”) her Library Corps idea which I have mentioned before in these pages. It was interesting to see some people’s responses to it, and her responses to them. I should be blogging for the PLA Blog on and off over the next few days.

ALA, en route

Here is my schedule for ALA. I am even more interested than usual in meeting new people or hanging out with people I don’t see often enough. I know this would be easier if I had a cell phone, but hey I’ve got Wifi in the bizarre swampland they call JFK airport . I also know there’s free Wifi in the convention center [instructions here], so remember my contact info from the previous post and get in touch.

copyright programming at ALA Annual in New Orleans

ALA’s Office for Technology Policy has their programmming for ALA Annual in New Orleans scheduled already. If you have a particular love of copyright issues, you may want to go to some of these events.

Best Practices in Digital Reference: Copyright, Licensing, and Privacy Guidelines (Linda Arret)
Sunday, June 25 8-10am

The Long Tail: The Internet, Culture, and the Mega-Store (Nancy Kranich)
Monday, June 26 10:30-12noon

Copyright 101: Everything You Wanted to Know about Copyright But Were Afraid to Ask (CAC, CAN, COL-IP)
Monday, June 26 1:30-3:30

Ray Patterson Copyright Award and Reception (CAN, CAC, OITP)
Monday, June 26 4-5:30pm

ACRL’s Copyright Program: Copyrights and Licensing Wrongs (as an FYI)
Sunday, June 25 10:30-12noon

librarian finds peace, leaving New Orleans

Just got an update that New Orleans Public Library resumed circulation of books today at the Nix and Hubbell Branches. Weekly bloggish updates of the recovery efforts are on this page. This all, however, just a feel good intro to this heartwarming librarian story Evacuated librarian lends hand, finds peace

When Xavier University’s library director decided to leave New Orleans hours ahead of Hurricane Katrina, fate put him on the road to a mutually beneficial relationship with a library miles away.