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this is broken: public library notice

Anyone know if it’s typical for libraries to send overdue notices only after the book is over a week late? Since I live in the hinterlands we don’t usually even have overdue fines, much less automated email communications with patrons. … Continue reading

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this is broken: brief story of me

Libraries, sometimes when you stick those barcode labels on the front of your books, you obscure information on the cover, sometimes changing the meaning of the title entirely. Seriously, there are lots of places to put a sticky barcode, why … Continue reading

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ALA membership renewal

I’m back from my trip and reading through email. On my “to do” list is to renew my ALA membership before the conference since it expired at the end of the year. I figured since ALA had my email address, … Continue reading

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two posts on michigan library tech

Two worthwhile stories from Ed Vielmetti’s blog Vacuum. Sony rootkit music off the Ann Arbor District Library’s purchase list – a story about Ed’s librarian telling him of their decision to not buy music from Sony that installs “rootkit like” … Continue reading

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