ALA membership renewal

I’m back from my trip and reading through email. On my “to do” list is to renew my ALA membership before the conference since it expired at the end of the year. I figured since ALA had my email address, they might send a reminder about this and they did… today! It reads, in part, “Thank you for this past year of ALA Membership. Your membership year ends December 31, 2005 ” Please note the present tense of the word “ends” my membership ended a few weeks ago. Now, this is my own fault for not staying on top of my professional association dues over the holidays, but you’d think that even an organization like ALA could manage a reminder email that went out before my membership had expired, maybe?

Additionally, I just bought my plane tickets for San Antonio and found that I had to stay an extra day in order to stay for the full Council meeting on Wednesday since all flights for my small airport seem to leave at the crack of dawn. This tosses a small wrench into my plans lodging-wise, so if anyone has tips for cheap/free places to stay in San Antonio on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings the 24th and 25th, please let me know.