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SAA’s Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination Policy

Just a little “yay team” note, the Society for American Archivists has added language to their non-discrimination policy protecting people in “gender identity/expression,” “religion,” “sexual orientation,” and “veteran status” categories from discrimination. The policy is here with a strong support … Continue reading

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Society for American Archivists changes stance on listserv archives

After a lot of blustery back and forth, the SAA has reversed its decision to ditch the SAA listserv archives. I think this is a smart plan, but it was interesting to watch the back and forth on this topic. … Continue reading

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Society of American Archivists decides remove its own listserv archive

I’m back in the US, almost back in Vermont. Got this little bizarre piece of news today: Society of American Archivists decides to nuke its listserv archives. Huh.

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Archives + Blogs = ???

When I went to the Society for American Archivists conference, one of the reasons I was invited was to be a positive presence and advocate for librarians (and by extension, archivists) using blogs, or at least paying attention to them. … Continue reading

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my SAA talk, notes and photos

I gave my talk about collaborative information systems and blogs generally at the closing day of the SAA conference yesterday. Here are my slides: Capturing Collaborative Information: News, Blogs, Librarians, and You. It’s pretty picture-heavy — thank you Flickr — … Continue reading

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