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Jessamyn West


User View of Blogs vs. "Content" of Blogs

What we talk about when we talk about blogs.

I have five slides that communicate three ideas. 1. people working together online create information and knowledge that is available nowhere else and defies traditional or linear archiving. 2. libraries' and librarians' use of blogs is a good step towards understanding these new systems with an eye to being able to effectively use, track and maintain access to them in the future. 3. the discussion about how to save these intractions isn't about how to archive writing it's about how to archive SHARING When you read a blog what do you read? what's on the main page? what's in a content area you are interested in? what linked to you? what's in bloglines? you see a narrative, but you're really viewing a database.

Collaborative Blogs?

There are many ways to share and work together.

there are many ways to collaborate: several authors, authors + comments, group blogs, community blogs, portal sites -- each make the "tendrils" of the content appear different

What We Learn. Why It Matters.

The web isn't like anything else.

There is historical importance to a site that may, most of the time, be about neat/fun stuff on the web.

Libraries and Blogs

When libraries and library oriented institutions use them

Librarian Bloggers


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