my SAA talk, notes and photos

I gave my talk about collaborative information systems and blogs generally at the closing day of the SAA conference yesterday. Here are my slides: Capturing Collaborative Information: News, Blogs, Librarians, and You. It’s pretty picture-heavy — thank you Flickr — but you can click on the “printable version” link in the last slide to see my notes. You can also see a few pictures in my Flickr photostream under the saa tag. I went to another discussion on the link between archives and justice that I’ll be writing up later today as well as tracking down some of the reports from people who blogged about my talk yesterday.

5 thoughts on “my SAA talk, notes and photos

  1. It was a great talk. That panel was certainly the highlight of the conference for me. Your observation that blogs look linear but are actually database queries is probably elemental to bloggers, but was eye-opening to this archivist.

  2. i loved the talk. one of the best of the whole conference. i really learned alot and it was good to laugh!

  3. Informational as well as enjoyable! I liked it enough to seek you out and submit a comment:-)

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