SAA’s Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination Policy

Just a little “yay team” note, the Society for American Archivists has added language to their non-discrimination policy protecting people in “gender identity/expression,” “religion,” “sexual orientation,” and “veteran status” categories from discrimination. The policy is here with a strong support statement; some bloggish discussion here (and see the previous post linked form that one) and here. [via]

One thought on “SAA’s Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination Policy

  1. Speaking as a supporter of HUMAN rights, I can definitely appreciate SAA’s policy. It goes to show how far we’ve come in some respects, but also how there is still room for improvement in the general sense.
    Until all people have the same rights, including same gender loving individuals, people of color, etc., we must continue on this same path of practicing and believing in non-discrimination policies. This was great information to pass along to others.

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