hey the library made The Onion in a supporting role

I think you will enjoy Protagonist Scrolls Intensely Through Microfilm. [thanks sandy!]

dudes! did you see the library they’ve got here?

“[W]hile I’m here on campus, my life is totally going to revolve around that library. “

cat and girl listen to the news

When you think of librarians you might think….”

$5000 for one of the best library ad campaigns I’ve seen

I put this on Twitter last week while I was trying to figure out how to get permission to post one of these photos. The link got buzzed around really speedily and the photos were everywhere. I figured I’d drop it here for posterity too. Aren’t these trucks great looking? Another neat thing from Johnson County Library System (KS).

A few links to kick off 2009

I’ve been working on keeping my inbox pretty well empty which has meant no linkhoarding this week. Here are a few things worth pointing out that I’ve kept around.

file under: why did you tell anyone?

Package Containing Porn, Pot Mistakenly Sent to Maysville Library. [thanks coldchef]

this is just to say….

“Ayn Rand man, I would like to apologize for a few things. To begin with, I am sorry that I did not state in simpler words, when you asked why Ayn Rand was shelved in the fiction section instead of the philosophy section, that the Fountainhead is a novel.” from best of craigslist, via library_mofo.


Noted without any more comment than “this is awesome to my personal refined humor sensbilities.” I give you lolbrarians. If you have an LJ account, consider contributing. I have. If you’re wondering wtf, you can Google lolcats or perhaps lolbees and see if it becomes any clearer. If not, don’t worry it’s just a stupid joke. (rated SC for “some cussin’”)

make Amazon suck like your OPAC. innovative + api haxie

If Amazon sucked like our old OPAC. To be fair, this Innovative version is pretty ancient. Funny? Yes. Accurate? Not entirely. [thanks marlene]

This Week on A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

Confused as to how one stakes a claim on a given collection or service?

Pee on it.