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hey the library made The Onion in a supporting role

I think you will enjoy Protagonist Scrolls Intensely Through Microfilm. [thanks sandy!]

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dudes! did you see the library they’ve got here?

“[W]hile I’m here on campus, my life is totally going to revolve around that library. “

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cat and girl listen to the news

“When you think of librarians you might think….”

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$5000 for one of the best library ad campaigns I’ve seen

I put this on Twitter last week while I was trying to figure out how to get permission to post one of these photos. The link got buzzed around really speedily and the photos were everywhere. I figured I’d drop … Continue reading

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A few links to kick off 2009

I’ve been working on keeping my inbox pretty well empty which has meant no linkhoarding this week. Here are a few things worth pointing out that I’ve kept around. Look what this library found in their bookdrop! [via unshelved] OPACs, … Continue reading

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