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federal judge rules on students’ religious rights re: books

Notable federal district decision from a week or so ago concerning a student/parent objection to a book that had homoesexual [well, same-sex couple] characters. The court upheld a lower court dismissal of a lawsuit by a family climaing their religious … Continue reading

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I like Halifax. aka OMGOMGOMG

This is a photo my sister took of the calendar in the room where I was hanging out with Dalhousie library/info science students at a brown bag lunch. Please note OMG line. Delightful. I had a really good time talking … Continue reading

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Librarian gap? This again?

Apparently University of Missouri-Columbia got a big grant through IMLS to help them train more librarians. Apparently this is because there is a librarian shortage. They are not even trying to bring up numbers to justify this anymore, there are … Continue reading

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PhD librarians

People have been writing me over the last few weeks talking about non-MLIS PhDs entering librarianship. It’s way outside of my range of knowledge and not something we come up against in the public library world, so I’d back-burnered it, … Continue reading

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how much has library school really changed?

University of Toronto Library School Annual Examinations, 1934-35. “We owe the alphabet to the Semites, the vowels to the Greeks and the letter forms as well as the transmission of the alphabet to the Romans.” Discuss this statement. [thanks bill]

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