I like Halifax. aka OMGOMGOMG

This is a photo my sister took of the calendar in the room where I was hanging out with Dalhousie library/info science students at a brown bag lunch. Please note OMG line. Delightful. I had a really good time talking to students and answering question about topics ranging from porn to the USA PATRIOT Act. Thanks to everyone for coming out and saying hello!

8 comments for “I like Halifax. aka OMGOMGOMG

  1. 20Sep07 at 7:11

    Now, that’s a fanclub!

  2. colin
    20Sep07 at 7:17

    I heart halifax. Did you visit (i forget its name) the oldest bookstore in North America while you were there?

  3. 20Sep07 at 11:12

    That’s awesome. Sounds like you had fun!

  4. 21Sep07 at 8:18

    I’ve been accused of writing the OMGs, but sadly I only thought them over and over again.
    Thank you for coming to our program and speaking with the students.

  5. K
    21Sep07 at 9:42

    ‘Twas I who wrote the OMGs. I was also taking the pictures.

    Thanks for coming! It was a great chat.

  6. 21Sep07 at 1:21

    Oldest bookstore in North America? that would be the Book Room, I believe. Hooray for Halifax!

  7. 21Sep07 at 1:22

    Ahem, forgot to post the link: http://www.bookroom.ca/

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