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rfid library tags unlocked, vulnerable

RFID hacking in, among other places, libraries. More on RFID. As he waves the reader over a book’s spine, ID numbers pop up on his monitor. “I can definitely overwrite these tags,” Molnar says. He finds an empty page in…

RFID best practices

The American Library Association was one of many companies and public interest groups that helped create a set of best practices for RFID. They include these three general principles about RFID, as it relates to privacy: Technology Neutrality: RFID technology…

survey: RFID diffusion in libraries

If you have ten minutes to spare, please take this survey asking a few questions about how RFID is being used in libraries. [vtlib]

RFID not being used for new federal ID cards

Hey if RFID isn’t good enough for Homeland Security and their privacy concerns, maybe it’s not good enough for libraries? Read the article for more information on what RFID is, and what it is not.

former Health and Human Services Secretary chips himself

I don’t care if Tommy Thompson is going to chip himself, I’m still not sold on RFID technology for libraries as it’s being marketed and implemented currently. Let’s get real here. There’s a difference between voluntarily tagging yourself and having…