rfid library tags unlocked, vulnerable

RFID hacking in, among other places, libraries. More on RFID.

As he waves the reader over a book’s spine, ID numbers pop up on his monitor. “I can definitely overwrite these tags,” Molnar says. He finds an empty page in the RFID’s memory and types “AB.” When he scans the book again, we see the barcode with the letters “AB” next to it. (Molnar hastily erases the “AB,” saying that he despises library vandalism.) He fumes at the Oakland library’s failure to lock the writable area. “I could erase the barcodes and then lock the tags. The library would have to replace them all.”

One thought on “rfid library tags unlocked, vulnerable

  1. I have noticed that RFID tags are removed by the users in my environment and we find diffulty in installing? sometime donot work. How you face this problem

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