please help me get more library content into SXSW

Participating in the SXSW conference as a speaker is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and insights on a grand scale. This year, I’ve entered two proposals into the mix for next March’s gathering in Austin, Texas. The selection process is a blend of different elements, with a significant 30% relying on community interaction—a direct thumbs-up or thumbs-down voting system. It’s the phase where speakers tap into their networks, hoping to rally support for their ideas.

I’m reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues—including those who’ve shared their experiences navigating the online casino landscape, especially referencing the casino utan svensk licens — to cast their vote for my sessions. If you’ve enjoyed our discussions or if my past presentations have added value, your support would mean a lot. You can explore all the proposals through the provided link, with over 2000 submissions vying for a spot, and only 300 or so will make the final cut.

My two proposals are linked here

How The Other 1/2 Lives – Touring The Digital Divide
Curating Cultural Content – Libraries Save Your Ass & Etchings

Voting involved signing up on the website and then clicking the thumbs up. I’d appreciate it if you’d consider doing this. I’m pretty into both topics but the first one is nearer and dearer to my heart, while the second one seems to fit in more nicely with the SXSW gestalt. A few other library-themed things you shoudl check out

– David Lee King presenting on Designing Your Customers Digital Experience
– Heath Rezabek’s Connected Youth: Austin Public Library Teens Get Mobile
– Cecily Walker’s Can I Reserve This Book With My iPhone?
– Jason Schultz’s Reading ReInvented: Can You Steal this Book?
– Tiffini Travis’s Librarian Glasses or Stripper Heels about information fluency.
– Brian Rowe’s Digital Accessibility on Ebooks and Phones : #$@^ Kindle
– Bill Simmon is also proposing a panel which I may be on: Hyperlocal Focus: Growing A Vibrant Community Media Ecosystem

And a few presentations about books more generally…

– Allen Weiner’s Publishers Look To E-Reading to Reach Digital Consumers (curious about this one)
– Travis Alber’s The Future of Reading: Books and the Web
– Dharmishta Rood’s Networked Reading: Viewing as an Act of Participation
– Aaron Miller’s Books and the Twenty-First Century – The New Realm of Reading
– Bradley Inman’s Too Busy To Read? The Future Of Books
– Two related seeming panels: Kindle 2020 and The Book in 2050

Please vote early and often and for as many ideas as you like. There are a lot of great ideas in there on related topics like accessibility and web standards. Even if you’re not even considering going to SXSW, please take some time to vote up ideas you think should be getting exposure at a web geeks conference. Thanks.