cross-site promotion, are you on metafilter?

Me and the nice people from MetaFilter are starting an ambitious back-tagging project where a team of volunteers will be adding tags to the 42,000 posts that were on the website before we added the tagging functionality. We’re hoping that this will make it easier to track down double-posts and related posts and make browsing the site via tags a little more thorough. I envy sites like Flickr that have had tags since the beginning, doing it this way is hard and not at all optimal. In any case, if you have a MetaFilter login and would like to do a little volunteer tagging, please drop me an email or (preferably) an IM with your usernumber and I can get you set up.

3 thoughts on “cross-site promotion, are you on metafilter?

  1. I’m delighted to see that my first post dates from 7/20/2000 when I got thoroughly trashed for recommending something from Roger Black.

    Ah the good old days…

  2. Damn, that indexing class will now finally come in handy.

  3. Thank you for letting me sign up to help. I am exploring the scene first, at your suggestion, to pick up some domain knowledge a.k.a. learn the folksonomy. Seems folks are a generally good bunch and will be patient. [grin] Subject analysis implementation in a new area is always good practice. rawk.

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