hi – 20dec

Hi. Anyone who reads this site at its web address instead of via an RSS reader will notice that the default stylesheet has changed. I modified a freely available theme because I wanted something with different levels of navigation. Thanks to another freely available plug-in you can choose the way you would like this site to appear to you. Just check the list of options under the Themes heading in the sidebar. If you’re interested in the other modifications I’ve made and plug-ins I’m using, feel free to check out this page about WordPress on librarian.net. Feel free to pick the stylesheet you like the best, or if there isn’t one that does what you want, let me know.

In other fancy design news, you’ve already seen it but I thought I would show it off: Michael’s Tame the Web blog has broken out of its default stylesheet thanks to the help of the Movable Type Style Generator and some little extra haxies, including the last.fm listing on the righthand column of the ipod blog and the custom sidebars on a few other pages. We’re still bringing the old URLs into line with the new ones and a few other things, but overall I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

3 thoughts on “hi – 20dec

  1. Great look. Do you know what library the photo was taken in? You have inspired me to find some old photos from my current place of work, and to figure out how to use something other than the “standard” looks on Blogger.

  2. The library is the Dickinson Branch (West Denver Branch) of Denver Public Library in Colorado. I found the image in the Library of Congress American Memory collection. You can see the full image by clicking on the link at the very bottom of this page which says header image source.

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