update re: ILL/Mao/DHS

Two stories in Southcoast Today [also in print in the Standard Times] following up on the Homeland Security/ILL report from yesterday. ‘Little Red Book’ story gets wide publicity , an article reporting on the publicity and with several statements from additional folks involved, most notably Homeland Security officials calling the scenario described “unlikely”. Also UMass Dartmouth statement on “Little Red Book” denying that they passed on any confidential information to agents or anyone else. [thanks aaron]

4 thoughts on “update re: ILL/Mao/DHS

  1. ::When asked whether federal agents requested information on a student’s inter-library loan request, Mr. Blaguszewski [ a spokesman for UMass Amherst]said that under the Patriot Act, the university “is not allowed to discuss whether federal agents have visited or requested information.” :: [from the first story]

    That isn’t quite true, of course: it’s only illegal to discuss it if they have come to visit, as you have previously pointed out. It is interesting that one UMass spokesperson said they can’t discuss it and that another specifically denied that such a conversation had taken place (in the second story).

    What is most curious to me is that DHS says that such actions are “unlikely” — what, they don’t know for sure?

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