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smart people use smart libraries – library ireland week

This was sent to me over Twitter and I loved it. It’s a promo for Library Ireland Week which starts March 7th by Areaman Productions.

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Australian librarians and their copyright dance – puttin’ on the writs

Video of staff from the National Library of Australia performing at their 2010 Christmas party. Fun! [thanks iain!]

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Heading to Portland for PLA?

Library students Turner Masland, Rebecca Chernay, Amy Frazier and Serenity Ibsen have made a delightful video The Visiting Librarian’s Guide to Portland. Donut and coffee suggestions and a lively soundtrack. And remember: Couch Street is pronounced “cooch.” Aaron Schmidt has … Continue reading

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and now for a change of pace, library 101

Please enjoy the Library 101 video and look for all your favorite librarians. Would love to see a credit list someplace.

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using YouTube to promote fun library activities

So I gave a talk at NJLA, one of my favorite talks, called Advanced YouTubery. Brett Bonfield saw it and liked it and took some of the ideas to heart with this fun video promoting the Collingswood Library’s 5k race … Continue reading

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