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“well at least they’re reading” the role of the judgemental librarian in media portrayal of library use

So hey, we’re in a recession! And one thing that the media seem to agree about is that people are flocking to their libraries more than ever. In fact, just like “man returns library book 75 years late!” the news … Continue reading

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do people even know you have wifi?

I was explaining to a drop-in time student today the difference between dial-up and broadband and satellite internet and wifi. She is buying a laptop. Her first computer. She is 83 years old. She is also probably going to be … Continue reading

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man using library wifi after hours gets laptop confiscated

This story about a guy being busted for using public wifi is making the rounds and, like the recent scrotum story, has a lot of possible ways of interpreting events. Short story: guy gets busted for using public library wifi … Continue reading

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I believe there are times when self-promotion is helpful

I have a few libraries with newish wireless connections that do not, in my opinion, adequately promote them. I decided that will not be the case with this most recent install. I made flyers from this image and hung them … Continue reading

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wifi in a libraries, a uk forecast

By 2009, half the libraries in Britain will have wifi according to a new report form the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (pdf). One of the stated benefits is the fact that it will give libraries more flexible use of … Continue reading

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