do people even know you have wifi?

I was explaining to a drop-in time student today the difference between dial-up and broadband and satellite internet and wifi. She is buying a laptop. Her first computer. She is 83 years old. She is also probably going to be my future landlady. I said that even though she was in a place with no telephone, she could go to the public library with her laptop and get online pretty easily. All the little public libraries in my area have free wifi, and in most cases it’s the only place in town to get it. MaintainIT linked to a good set of sites where libraries (or anyone) can advertise their wifi for free. People zooming through town will know they can get online with their laptops at your library. Neat.

2 thoughts on “do people even know you have wifi?

  1. I suddenly had this image of the traditional “here be a library” sign, with little radiating waves around it…

  2. Hmm – I find that people sort of expect to have wifi in libraries anyway. I know they do in our system and we’re in a very rural area. Maybe libraries have done a good job building a tech friendly reputation…

    Good to know another place to advertise though!

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