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2016 in work and money

This post leaves me dissatisfied with pie chart makers and is as much a note to myself as anyone else who will read it. Last year was a weird year for work. I picked up a bunch of odd consulting … Continue reading

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my world of work and money 2016 edition

I did a similar post about this on my personal blog in 2010. For someone who says “I am a librarian” I think it’s useful sometimes to discuss how and when I get paid and by whom. I know people … Continue reading

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The high cost of everything

This is one post about a few disparate topics that all congeal on one issue: money. See if you can follow it around this thread. Brian talks about the high cost of databases. In all my thinking about what database … Continue reading

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what I think is my last word on speaking and presenters and money and power

Karen has a nice long post about the current ALA discussions including presenters getting paid/paying to speak, and ALA’s proposed dues increase. I share her feeling about giving presentations It’s also a not-too-well-kept secret that there are some speakers who … Continue reading

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